Washable, Breathable Nanoscreen Masks

mPactAir99TM makes the best masks for COVID-19 variants in 2022

Today, people often ask the question – “what is the best face mask for a child in Southlake, TX?”
At mPactAir, we strongly believe that we have found the solution and the answer to this question.Together with a team of experts, we have created a revolutionary Nanofiber face mask that provides a 99.5% filtration efficacy against airborne pathogens like COVID-19, influenza, Omicron, pollen, flu, and more. mPactAir99’s Nanofiber masks are the future in face masks as their nano-technology offers a 99.5% filtration efficacy against dangerous airborne particulates like COVID and Omicron. Our masks also provide maximum breathability which make it the best masks for air travel or for kids at school. But our story doesn’t end there. mPactAir’s Nanofiber masks also provide a high breathability index of 5.8 which is far better than what you can get in any N95 mask (11-12).

Our Nanofiber masks are created in collaboration with a 100-year veteran textile producer and manufacturer based in the United States. We use a proprietary filtration technology that employs a 6-layered BMT protection system. If you’re looking for a breathable face mask and a washable face mask in one, you should consider trying mPactAir’s Nanofiber masks today! Our Nanofiber face masks are made in the USA in collaboration with a 100-year-old textile manufacturing company. This enables our Nanofiber masks to provide a 99.5% filtration guard against pathogens like COVID-19, Omicron, general flu, influenza, and more. Our Nanofiber masks enable you to breathe better and speak with clarity while also ensuring that your glasses don’t fog. This makes it the best mask for glasses wearers and the best mask for kids at school.

mPactAir99’s Nanofiber masks are intelligently designed to protect against various airborne pathogens like Omicron, COVID-19, flu, allergies, pollen, pollution, and more. mPactAir99’s Nanofiber masks are the best masks for COVID protection in 2022 because of its proprietary nano-filtration technology that provides a filtration efficacy of 99.5% in Southlake, TX. Our Nanofiber masks are comfortable, durable (washable and resuable upto 60 times), and stylish. The masks are also light-weight, ergonomically-designed, and provide a high breathability index of 5.8.

mPactAir99’s Nanofiber masks have been scientifically tested and proven to deliver a 99.5% filtration efficacy. Looking to buy masks online? mPactAir provides FREE shipping on all domestic order above $40. We also ship to all our international clients, adding only the location-based carrier charges. We use the best shipping carriers to get you your personal Nanofiber masks in the best and quickest possible way. Our masks are made for those who want protection against airborne pathogens such as COVID-19, monkeypox, flu, pollen, pollution, and more. mPactAir’s Nanofiber masks are also ergonomically designed in Southlake, TX to provide you a high breathability index of 5.8 as compared to N95 masks that only offer between 11-12.

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Why mPactAir99TM Masks Work

Why mPactAir99TM Masks Work

You might ask, “How can a mask with 99.9% efficacy possibly be washable?”

We get it: it’s a lot to take in. Back in 2020, experts decided washable, reusable cloth masks were an acceptable substitute for surgical masks and N95 masks simply because supply did not meet demand. However, savvy consumers know by now that cloth masks are not viable in the long term for preventing the spread of COVID-19, the flu, and other diseases.

Safer Than Cloth or Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are only 66% effective against COVID-19, and even double-masking with a cloth mask can only give you 90% protection. Our nanofiber masks have a 99.9% filtration rate – better than an N95!

Designed for Athletes

Do you exercise with a mask on? If so, you don’t need us to tell you how suffocating that can be in an N95. mPactAir99TM masks were designed to provide optimum breathability when you need it most – during exercise and heavy physical activity.

The Secret Is in the Science

The secret to our washable, reusable yet highly effective protection is the mPactAir99TM NanoscreenTM material using 6 LAYERS of BMT’s Nanoscreen DefenseTM Technology. Read the science behind our masks.

Benefits of Nanofiber Masks

Some Interesting Facts About Nanoscreen Material & Masks

  • Nanofibers have a very large surface area and their molecules are slightly aligned which allows them to trap water molecules very easily. Because of this, nanofiber/nanoscreen material can be used to absorb big quantities of water. A single gram of nanofiber can absorb up to 28 grams of water. This absorption property also makes it an excellent alternative to paper towels.

  • Nanofibers are composed of various small and thin fibers. Its fibers are closely arranged parallel with each other in a way similar to threads; and this gives it a large surface area. And its large surface area makes it a great material for absorbing heat. This also makes it ideal for hot/cold insulation purposes.

  • In addition to its absorption abilities, nanofibers are also very resilient and strong which makes them perfect for use across several stressful situations like chemical outbreaks, fires, and more.

mPactAir99TM ’s NanoscreenTM (Nanofiber) Masks Offer You:

  • 99.9% Filtration Against Airborne Particulates & Pathogens
  • High Breathability Index (as compared to cotton & N95 masks)
  • BMT 6-Layer NanoscreenTM Defense filtration technology
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Allergy-Free Material
  • Comfortable for All Skin Types
  • Highly Affordable Top-Quality Nanofiber Masks
  • Fog-Free Breathing For Those Who Wear Glasses

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Each of our nanoscreen masks has better filtration capabilities than an N95