Benefits of Wearing a Nanofiber Mask

Benefits of Wearing a Nanofiber Mask

Nanofiber masks have proven to be more effective than masks made from cotton or any other material for COVID-19. This is mostly because they are far less likely to cause any allergic reactions and can be used without absorbing bacterial or viral infections. Nanofiber filters are also safer than metal ones as they can retain moisture and help prevent infections or exposure to airborne pathogens. And in the case of cotton masks, the cotton material has been proven to attract a lot more allergens and pathogens.

In a recent study conducted by the University of California at Riverside, cotton masks were shown to stop a maximum of 75% of coronavirus aerosols whereas masks with nanofiber filters blocked 99.9% of the particles (Source – ACS Publications). Nanofiber masks are not only more effective than cotton, but they are also more comfortable and easier to use. Overall, nanofiber masks help prevent allergies and can be used without the risks of developing any infections or causing any adverse effects.

Until recently, nanofiber masks have been too expensive for the average person, but thanks to modernized production processes, these masks can be produced at very reasonable prices. Nanofiber masks can also be made using precise 3D printing technology. This allows for greater comfort and an easier fitting process for anyone who wears one.

The Benefits of Nanoscreen (Nanofiber) Material & Masks

  • Nanofiber masks are effective barriers to airborne particles. They protect mucus membranes of the respiratory tract from infection from various pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi). Nanofiber filters are not only great at blocking particles, but they also retain moisture and allow breathing while filtering out most airborne pathogens.
  • Nanofiber masks are ideal for those who suffer from allergies, skin irritations, and other conditions that require higher levels of cleanliness and hygiene. It can provide a greater layer of protection from airborne bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. It is also completely hypo-allergenic and doesn’t trigger allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.
  • Nanofiber masks can be used in firefighting and other emergency rescue operations. In fact, they can be used in any situation with dangers of airborne particulate exposure. These include situations in agriculture, chemical plants, cleaning, mining, logging, and more.
  • Because of their excellent performance as barriers, nanofiber masks are also used in medical and dental industries. Nanofibers can protect oral cavities from any kind of infection during surgeries. They can also prevent infections in dental prosthetic devices.*
  • Nanofiber mask technology has allowed for the development of lightweight masks that are just as effective and efficient as metal masks. This has further led to the development of different types of nanofiber masks including hard-shell and soft-shell masks.
  • Nanofiber mask technology is precise. They can be made to fit any face shape or size. This can be done by using the most accurate digital 3D printing technology. Traditional masks are made from cotton which is a very soft material that can be difficult to fit properly. Plus, cotton fibers tend to shrink or lose their original shape which further compromises their fit.

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Some Interesting Facts About Nanofiber Material & Masks

  • Nanofibers have a very large surface area and their molecules are slightly aligned which allows them to trap water molecules very easily. Because of this, nanofiber material can be used to absorb big quantities of water. A single gram of nanofiber can absorb up to 28 grams of water. This absorption property also makes it an excellent alternative to paper towels.
  • Nanofibers are composed of various small and thin fibers. Its fibers are closely arranged parallel with each other in a way similar to threads; and this gives it a large surface area. And its large surface area makes it a great material for absorbing heat. This also makes it ideal for hot/cold insulation purposes.
  • In addition to its absorption abilities, nanofibers are also very resilient and strong which makes them perfect for use across several stressful situations like chemical outbreaks, fires, and more.

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  • Allergy-Free Material
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Some More Useful Applications of Nanofiber Material & Masks

1) High-Temperature Resistance Properties

Resilience, flexibility and strength even under very high temperatures makes nanofibers an ideal material for fire-resistant clothing and gear.** One of the most widely used applications is in firefighter suits. These suits are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1600°F (871°C). The integration of nanofiber in clothes, helmets and other kinds of gear all over the world has led to a substantial improvement in firefighter safety. During a burn, nanofibers expand up to 20 times their original length. This makes it a perfect material for protecting people and materials in fire.

Nanofibers can be placed in a number of different materials with various flexible, rigid and high strength characteristics. The result is that nanofiber can be tailored to fire-protection and other technical applications where they provide the necessary flexibility, resilience, strength and even temperature resistance.

2) Heat Insulation Properties

One of the most widely used applications for nanofibers is in insulating materials. Along with having a high resistance to fire, it is also a very good thermal insulator.

Nanofiber material can be found across the following applications:


  • Heat-resistant flooring and coating materials

These are used under oven hoods, in kilns, incinerators, engines and turbines to shield them from high heat environments. This makes these materials ideal for preventing fires or reducing the intensity of fires when they occur.


  • Heat-resistant insulation materials

These are used to insulate various kinds of buildings, including the pyrotechnic industry. This is due to the fact that different kinds of insulation can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, which makes it an excellent material for insulating pipes and other components that are exposed to heat and flames.


  • Heat-resistant clothing such as fire-resistant jackets, boots, & gloves

These are especially useful in situations where it is necessary to work with high temperatures. Nanofiber clothing provides protection against flames and extreme heat while also providing excellent insulation. The material is also very lightweight which makes it very comfortable to wear.

*Disclaimer – “While nanofiber masks are safe for all uses, mPactAir99 is a personal, non-medical mask for use by individuals.”

**Disclaimer – “Do not use mPactAir masks to protect yourself in a fire or dangerous situation. Always remove yourself from the situation and contact your local emergency response department.”

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